Evening in Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park Dusk

I love Lumpini Park in the evenings, when the joggers are puffing around the track, the homeless cats are settling in under park benches for the night and you can hardly hear the rush-hour traffic speeding along Wireless Road.

The rainy season has been making life tough over the past few days, purple clouds loom over the horizon just before the end of our work day and it makes exploring and taking photos for my job almost impossible.

On the plus side though, it really cools down, meaning I can enjoy a walk through the park just after the rains has stopped.

Lumpini Park Rain

Carrying my camera around sometimes feels like a pain, especially if I want to make the most of the amazing handbag collection I seem to have acquired since moving to Bangkok. But if you don’t practice you’re never going to get better, and I do love it when a picture comes together and gives people an insight into my life here.

Need to work on the technique below though!

Bangkok Bike Rain

Bangkok’s Rainy Season

Gateway Ekkamai RainIt has been so hot here in Bangkok that I had become desperate for the rain. I was even contemplating a rain dance of some sort. Usually by the end of April the thundery storms have returned but this year it’s been hotter than hot. As I rushed from appointment to meeting, damp hair plastered to my face after only a brief walk outside my small talk centred around the weather: “It’s so hot at the moment … I am sure it wasn’t this bad last year”, and “I have been here almost three years and I thought I was getting used to it!”. My Thai counterparts did their best to reassure me that, yes, it was indeed very hot, hotter than usual.

I have even started using an umbrella to shade me, in the way that many locals do. It does work, but trying to circumnavigate a busy Thai pavement, with all its tripwires and low hanging objects, is hard enough without skipping along like you are Mary Poppins. Although my umbrella is UV protective and so protects my skin, I sometimes get the same stuffy feeling that would wake me up in my tent at festivals. It’s pretty uncomfortable…

For the first time in what feels like months, we woke up to a grey sky and dark clouds in the distance. Leaving the house this morning I could wear jeans again. The old shophouses that line the pavement dripped rainwater on us as we made our way along the street. I have mucky streaks up the back of my trousers. At the start of the rainy season it’s exciting to hear the thunder, but in six months time I’ll be glad for the cool, dry weather.

Bangkok Shopping: Rubber Rainy Season Shoes 2012

When I was about seven my friend Karen had some amazing glittery jelly shoes that I lusted after, but was never allowed. Fast-forward 22 years and my dreams have finally come true with my 2012 rainy shoes. I purchased them at Chatuchak Market for 199 baht but you can pretty much find them on any street corner because every Thai lady owns a pair. There was a great selection of colours, but I decided to keep it simple (ha!) with a pair of silvery sparkly rubber shoes. They pretty much go with anything, but beware of getting pavement water in them, it’s pretty icky. My next item on the rainy shopping list is frilly umbrella. There is a stall in Asoke station which I am sure will provide.