The Magic of Coconut Oil – Saving Face

Coconut Oil Bangkok

The weather in Bangkok has changed recently, with more rain and plenty of hot steamy days which means I mainly hide out in air-conditioning. All these crazy fluctuations in temperature have confused my skin: my forehead is all dry and if I try and layer the cream on I just get tons of spots.

I was about to invest in yet another pot of expensive cream (I’m careering towards my 30th birthday so I needed some heavy duty stuff) when I remembered a good friend telling me about the wonders of coconut oil, so I popped a bottle of it in my basket instead. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper, at 250 baht (around 5 GBP) and at the rate I am currently using it, will probably last quite a long time.

There are many uses for coconut oil. On your face as a moisturiser (although only a little or you look like a grease bomb), mixed up with sugar as a scrub, instead of a shaving gel, and even as an intensive hair conditioner. Some folk even eat it, and although my bottle is 100% virgin oil it looks a little too bathroom-esque for me to take into the kitchen.

Pretty much all the writing on this bottle was in Thai, and seeing as even if I could remember the three letters I had learnt last year I probably still couldn’t understand the actual words, I asked Google. It had a lot of answers and many advices, including the fact that coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti something else… Pretty cool for a tropical fruit.

I’ve been using  virgin coconut oil  on my face both in the morning and before bed and my skin feels so soft. I don’t have any more scales and I smell like a biscuit. Some people online say it makes them look like a teenager again. I am not sure this is quite the effect I am after though…

Given all the chemicals that are already in the air and water in Bangkok, it’s nice to use something without additives or preservatives and I am a complete convert to coconut oil – there is nothing better than a great value, Bounty chocolate bar smelling product that makes your skin feel fabulous.