Bangkok Cat Cafe – Play with cats in Thong Lor!

Cat Cafe Bangkok

Just when I thought I had seen it all, Bangkok opened a Cat Cafe! Yes, an actual cafe where you can go an play with big furry cats and eat biscuits and brownies in the shape of felines. What more could you want?!

Cafe Cafe Bangkok

Getting there is easy, it’s only around ten minutes walk from the sky train at Thong Lor on Sukhumvit Soi 53, Purr Cat Cafe is located on a sleepy residential road  watch out for the sign on the left hand side of the street as you walk along. Open from 11:00am daily except Monday it easy to spend a few of hours in Kitty Land, stroking the cats and sampling the sweet treats.

Cat Cafe BangkokI think the cat below has the best idea: hide and nap. It’s tough at the top of the Cat Cafe in Bangkok, and these guys get tired. Most of the Persian cats here spend their time asleep, but that’s okay, getting to pet them is a great way to reduce stress, much easier to do when they are asleep, and you need that in a city like Bangkok, especially when most apartments are too small to own a kitty all of your own. Cat Cafe to the rescue!

Cat Cafe Bangkok

The best thing about the menu here is that it was mostly cat shaped. Let’s be honest, I’ve had better scones and biscuits elsewhere, but I really appreciated the effort and thought that had gone into the food. The staff at Cat Cafe are really friendly but service is slow. We didn’t mind so much as we wanted to spend time playing with the cats.

Cat Cafe

I enjoyed my trip to the Purr Cat Cafe, but I haven’t felt the need to go back since. It really is one of these mad things that needs to be seen to be believed! Bangkok is one of the cities where trends come and go really fast, and I worry that the Cat Cafe might be one of those. It’s easy to look after 14 cats when people are regularly coming to visit them, but what happens when the crowds and the money goes? I hope that the cats will still be looked after.

Bangkok Cat Cafe

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11:00-22:00 and Saturday & Sunday 11:00-23:00
Address: Soi Sukhumvit 53 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Tel: +66 2 108 3604

The broken Soi cat

During the long weekend Dan and I had a rather depressing experience. We were sitting in a restaurant just outside Chit Lom station and huddled in the gutter outside the window was a tiny kitten. He seemed stuck and was crying out to the larger cat who was watching him. Despite his matted fur he was terribly cute and we went outside to see if we could help him out. As we got closer we saw that not only had he lost his tail but he had also broken his leg. He was too far away for us to reach him, but we felt terrible guilty leaving him there.

I was desperately trying to convince Dan we should clamber over the restaurant  façade, take him home and I would make him a splint out of ice lolly sticks. Ever since I found out you can take cats back to England as long as they have been rabies free for three months I have been pondering the idea of a feline companion to keep me company when Dan works late. It would also be handy to chase away the evil spirits the Tarot reader at Silom warned me about. Sadly Dan was more level-headed and said that we should take him to the vet.

BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND THE DETAILS OR PRICES OF A VET? We retired to McDonald’s (wi-fi) to try to search for some helpful information, but all the chat boards commented on how expensive vets are and how some of them are pirates who kill innocent animals. I had no luck with finding any shelter details either. We returned to check on the kitten but unfortunately he had disappeared. We are hoping that he was found by someone else and safe.

When I got home I did some in-depth googling and found a brilliant organisation that work with stray cats and dogs. They are called Soi Dog Foundation. They started off in Phuket but have recently expanded their work to Bangkok. I sent them an email and they suggested that if I ever come across another animal in need I can get in touch on 081 788 4222 (365 days a year).

As he sadly pointed out there are dozens of cats and dogs all over Thailand who need help. My aim over the next few days is to convince him that we should adopt this cute kitten (one of many) from Soi Dog Foundation. He’s not giving in just yet, for now we are simply going to make a donation to the shelter.