Bangkok Romance

I have been a Bangkok ex-pat for over two and a half years and I write and take pictures of both the good and bad of what I observe around the city. It’s an interesting and somewhat frustrating place to be a woman but I have had some of the best times of my life in and around Bangkok.

My favourite things about the city are:

  • The abundance of amazing food. Not only great Som Tam and Massaman curry but affordable Indian, Mexican, European and Lebanese
  • Shopping. Despite being what local shop ladies describe as ‘too big’ (how many times have I purchased something just to prove them wrong?!) there is no shortage of malls and markets to keep me entertained
  • All that smiling. If you smile at someone in the street, most of the time they smile back! Pretty fantastic after living in London for 5 years
  • Warmth. I know I complain all the time about melting and being too hot, but how great is it to wear flip-flops all year round?!
  • Exploring. Strange art shows, different dancing, cool spas, new friends, great cocktails
  • Getting outside my comfort zone and loving it

Things that make me less happy:

    • Dirty pavement water up the back of my legs and between my toes (could it be sewage?)
    • Slow walking and lack of escalator protocol
    • Taxi drivers trying to make a quick buck
    • Weird Birthday cake
    • Sex-pats
    • The lack of indie films on at the cinema
    • No proper sausages

If you would like to get in touch please send me a message on google+ or facebook.

The great thing about blogging is that you get to be honest about things with no boss or company trying to force your hand. Everything that I share on here is my own opinion, and although I am lucky to get free meals with work, that doesn’t mean I will give them a great review. Any posts sponsored directly will be titled as such. I love writing and sharing things I get excited about and I wouldn’t want to accept or advertise anything that I didn’t believe in for the sake of a few bucks. 

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7 thoughts on “Bangkok Romance

  1. I love your list of negative things – I also hated all of them, plus the rank smells that appear out of nowhere, usually around the time you’re looking down to see what splashed on the back of your leg. Gross! Oh, but I do love Thailand.

  2. havent heard the term ‘sex-pats’ before. good one!
    ( in pattaya, the streets overflow with them )

  3. Hahaha I feel your pain about being told you are ‘too big’ – and about the lack of sausages and indie films. Yet how could you not love Bangkok?

    1. Wherever I live the city always kicks my ass from time to time. But I have such a soft spot for Bangkok that I always forgive it!

  4. Hi Claire,

    I miss Chiang Mai sausage (sai ua) so much, I’m thinking of returning 🙂

  5. Why do ‘sex-pats’ bother people so much?
    What are they? Tourists on sex holidays or people who live here and have Thai girlfriends/boyfriends?

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