Bangkok Shopping Blog

Bangkok has some of the best shops this world has to offer, and I should know, I have travelled from America to Australia checking out stores and stalls. The hardest thing about this city is that there is so much on offer that sometimes you don’t know where to start. With that in mind I have put together a selection of my favourite places and what to get there. I will keep adding to this as I keep ‘investing’ in all things pretty, shiny and weird. If you are looking for anything specific in the city, give me a shout and I will try to help!

Shopping in Bangkok

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Shopping Blog

  1. hey..could you suggest me where i could possibly find women studded leather jackets in bangkok malls??

    1. Hi! I’ve asked around and people either recommend the large malls like Siam Paragon or Centralworld or suggest getting your own made. There is a leather shop near Nana BTS that specialises in this, and also one near Khao San Road.

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