Duck T Shirts – The Best gift for Everyone

When you are contemplating gifts to take home to friends and family, I have a recommendation. Don’t take the usual Bangkok souvenirs back (Tuk Tuk made from a Coca Cola can, incense that doesn’t smell of anything, Chang vest to name a few), head to Terminal 21 and check out A Pick Me Up, where you can pick up (ha!) some amazing t-shirts decorated in rubber ducks.

Okay, they don’t exactly scream “I’ve been to Thailand” but they are certainly original, and although I can’t think of any logical reason why I love them so much and I haven’t actually got round to purchasing one of my own, every time I walk around Terminal 21 I can’t help but pop in to flick through the rails of duck t shirts.

Duck T Shirts

The ducks emblazoned on these shirts and not your usual yellow rubber ducky. Oh no, A Pick Me Up have taken their designs to new heights. This quacker comes in different shapes and sizes. If you’re that keen on finding something that prolongs your memory of Thailand then there is a funky tee of a Duck on a Tuk Tuk. I can already see the keen faces of my siblings as I hand this gem of a gift over!

Whether you are into classic movies, video games, the ukulele or even just rubber ducks themselves, you are guaranteed to find something at A Pick Me Up. If you are looking for a more subtle design, then they have embroidered polo shirts for men and women with a tiny duck on the breast pocket.

Pick Me Up Duck T ShirtsLocation: Direct access from MRT at Sukhumvit and BTS at Asoke. A Pick Me Up is on the London Floor
Open: 10:00 – 22:00 Daily

6 thoughts on “Duck T Shirts – The Best gift for Everyone

  1. Hi, I do not trust the “famous sellers” now, I really prefer to buy everything from Thailand now, this is where I buy my stuff, for $20 “Personal Shopper Bangkok” (Google it I don’t have the exact link) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same cheap service in Paris or New York !!!

    1. Wow, I have never heard of this! Definitely need to check it out. Bangkok has some of the best shopping around so would be worth it.

  2. This duck t-shirt caught my eye as well when I first went to Terminal 21! If you buy more shirts, they even offer you a discount. It is a great deal for such a cute design!

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