Sleeping Pills Siam Square

Sleeping Pills Siam Square

Sleeping Pills is a great little boutique in Siam Square that sells plenty of fun fashionable clothing. In fact the brand has become so popular that they now have an outlet at Zen in CentralWorld shopping mall. It’s something I really love about being here, discovering a brand and then following their success, all the while knowing I got their first!

The brand limits the number of each item that they make, and it’s really affordable, with dresses starting at 2,500 baht, tops at 1,500 baht and trousers at 1,600 baht.  In London it would be impossible to buy a limited edition piece at these prices!

The designers at Sleeping Pills take the current trends and give them a girly twist, with plenty of fabulous summer pastels and florals in the latest collection. Don’t worry though, it’s not too cutesy. Some items also have a 60s vibe, I love this black and white harlequin dress that retails at 2,690 baht. Sizes go up to a large, and as a westerner with hips and tits this is usually the size I need to go for. But who cares about the label inside when you look good!?

You can either find Sleeping Pills on the 3rd floor of Zen in CentralWorld or at their original Siam Square Branch, down the alley to the left had side of the Lido theatre, only a few minutes from BTS Siam. 

Taken from Sleeping Pills Facebook

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