Pop Music in Bangkok – Dancing to the hits of the 90s

Sonic Nightclub

Bangkok has plenty of great nightclubs, but finding one that plays pop music is not so easy. So when I found out that Trasher was organising a Now That’s What I Called Pop Music evening, I grabbed my friends and headed down to Sonic Nightclub on Ekkamai soi 10.

Sonic isn’t known for pop music. Most nights they play Indie Rock on the outdoor terrace (aka smokers lounge) and have live bands on the stage in both rooms. My pal said it looked a bit like a student union and I have to agree, it’s minimal with a lot of concrete. This is a relief because let’s be honest, I am not that hardcore when it comes to clubbing, and anywhere too cool scares me. The bathrooms at Sonic are pretty trendy though, papered with black and white newspaper clippings and photos. They are also clean! With paper!

We paid 200 baht to get in and got a free Tiger beer. We arrived at around 22:00, perfect timing as the place had a buzz but wasn’t jam packed with people. By the time we left at 1:00 it was so busy we could hardly move, let alone groove.

The music was really good. When I say really good, what I mean is fantastically bad pop music that I knew all the words to: Britney, Backstreet Boys, Cher and even some Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Trasher provide some dancers, one that looked like Michael Jackson and a couple of others with crazy hair. They can actually dance and really help the crowd get in the mood. Not that I needed any encouragement, I was as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

It was so much fun, I hope Trasher organise some more pop club nights in Bangkok, because I need to dance!

Sonic Nightclub Bangkok Sonic Bangkok Bangkok nightclub Bangkok striptease

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