Sra Bua Restaurant Bangkok

There are not many restaurants that have wowed me the way Sra Bua did on my recent visit. I am a big fan of looking outside the box and doing things differently, I don’t get annoyed like some do with foodie fads and a bit of foam or a smear of sauce doesn’t detract me if the rest of the dish impresses. Run by Henrik Yde-Andersen, the Danish Michelin starred chef who got a star for his Thai restaurant Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen, it serves de-constructed Thai dishes and embellished favourites. Even if you have travelled the length and breadth of Thailand, chances are that you won’t see any other dishes created like those at Sra Bua.

We were lucky enough to try some of the menu highlights during our visit. I’ve included some pictures and descriptions below as it really is impossible to imagine them otherwise!

The first serving was a trio of amuse-bouche, a chewy soy sauce flavoured meringue,  lotus root with a kaffir lime coating and a prawn cracker served on a bed of slightly tex-mex tasting tomato and chilli sauce. The meringue was not sweet at all, which is a bit confusing as the texture was exactly like the ones my grandma makes. I really enjoyed the lotus root for its pleasing shape and citrus tang.

Thai Nibbles

The dish that got all the critics swooning was the frozen red curry. Served on a foggy plate of dry ice the creamy, spicy sauce is frozen and served like ice-cream, with chunks of meaty lobster, avocado and longan fruit. A mouthful of this is a real symphony of textures and flavours.

Lobster Salad

One of the mains we tried was the de-constructed Tom Kha, with fish rather than chicken. The large portion of Panko came served with a crispy slice of skin and the sauce was poured from a teapot!

Panko FIsh and Tom Kha

It looks like the steak has skidded on the plate here, but that is actually a reduction of Thai basil: yum. The salad it came with looked like a miniature garden, and there was a delicious bite to the spicy oyster sauce.

Tenderloin with Thai Basil

If you’ve ever wondered what the dessert version of Pina Colada would look like then take a look at this. I think it might have even been my favourite dish of the night. The white dome is a crispy coconut shell that hides pineapple ice-cream and is leaning on malibu flavoured mousse. Despite my dairy intolerance I couldn’t stop eating this.

Pina Colada DessertThe signature dessert is banana cake with salted ice-cream, toasted almonds, fresh coconut and a large smear of milk reduction, which to my untrained palate tasted like super sweet caramel. It was delicious but far too sweet for me, and I really, really like sugar!

Banana CakeMy job really spoils me and I eat far more amazing food than my waistline can handle, but for me Sra Bua easily gets a top ten spot in my favourite Bangkok restaurants list. I will be talking about the food for weeks to come and taking my favourite people here when they visit.

One thought on “Sra Bua Restaurant Bangkok

  1. Brilliant article – it made my mouth water. And the photos really give you a taste of the place. Would love to try it out! Must make do with Lanzarote nosh tho’! Glad you like my meringues!! Xxxx

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