Turning my blog into a job

In two weeks I start a new job as a content writer for Bangkok.com. I am very excited as it is a complete departure from what I have been doing (recruitment), and very chuffed that I got offered the job because my future boss found (yes, I am searchable!) and liked this blog.

I have now been in Bangkok for just over 21 months and I have been blogging since I stepped off the plane. What started as an easy way to keep in touch with folks from home has turned into a bit of a passion. I love sharing the great places I come across, taking pictures of the world around me and trying to capture what life is like as a woman ex-pat in Thailand.

I also love to talk and it’s been a great way to chatter away to a mostly unknown audience. However the greatest thing about having a blog is the feedback I get. It’s amazing to hear from those who read it, to hear how they come across it and what they think of it. It’s been the perfect tool to meet new people and find out about other ex-pats in Thailand.

It’s sometimes hard to tap into specific knowledge about life on the ground here, especially if you are looking for a lifestyle that doesn’t involve bar fines and ladies of the night (yep, my top searched blog entry in entitled ‘Soi Cowboy”), but there are some great female bloggers who offer tales from a different side to the big mango. It was via blogs that I discovered great places to get my hair cut, unusual music venues and that Batiste (dry shampoo – yippee for being lazy) had landed in Boots Thailand.

Just before I was offered the job I had been thinking of quitting recruitment and spending some time and energy focusing on my writing. It really was a dream to do something more creative, but there is a lot of negative chatter online about trying to get into writing. It was starting to look impossible, and I think if I was still in Europe it would be. The fantastic thing about Asia is that there is so much growth and opportunity. It’s also the perfect place to take a risk and try something new. If it all goes wrong, there’s cheap whisky to drown your sorrows in.

I will (of course) keep up the blogging as well. If two years ago someone had told me that I was going to be living in Thailand and writing I would never have believed them. There is nothing more fantastic than life taking you somewhere better than you could have ever imagined.

6 thoughts on “Turning my blog into a job

  1. Interesting and inspiring post. Sounds like my dream come true! I’ll be checking out bangkok.com

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