Saving the world one twig at a time

I was lucky enough to leave Bangkok last weekend with my lovely colleagues to plant Mangrove Trees. I can’t remember all the details about why Mangrove trees are so important, but I do know that they protect the coastline and allow marine wildlife to thrive.

It’s great to spend some time with parts of the team that you usually don’t get to speak to. Sadly I am no fan of mud or getting back to nature so I mainly took pictures. I did manage to plant two mangrove sticks including the one in the slideshow below! They have a survival rate of 50% so I am really rooting for my little tree! Everyone else did much better and overall they planted 300 mangroves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This weekend has been pretty quiet so far except for the discovery of a NEW SNACK! I was in the 7/11 and I noticed these:

Combo spicy chicken and sour cream nik naks! Oh Thailand, your rewards are plentiful! The chicken ones are very very spicy, and the smell seems to penetrate your skin, even after washing my hands twice my fingers still smelt of chicken. The sour cream ones do add a certain something, but I don’t think I will be straying from fake cheese flavour too often.

Anything to add?

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